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Parking has become a “nightmare” for people living in one part of Liverpool where some households have ‘up to six cars’ each.

Tensions are running high in the Dales area, off Smithdown Road, which is the most densely populated area in the city due to a high number of HMOs.

Roads in the area have become tightly packed with parked cars, making it hard for people to find a parking space anywhere near their homes.

Some residents have reported cars being parked on pavements and on street corners, forcing schoolchildren, as well as people in wheelchairs and parents with prams, to walk in the middle of the road.

Siobhan, 53, who has lived in the area for the last 31 years, fears the sheer number of cars in the area may restrict the emergency services from getting access to houses.

She said the issue with parking is bad on her road that people have resorted to parking in the disabled spot she has for her son.

Siobhan told the ECHO: “The issue we’ve got is when you’ve got cars parked either side, if you’ve got a car coming up and down the road then nobody can get past. Then we have standoffs and arguments and road rage all the time. It’s a nightmare.

“It’s not just parking to be honest. They’re terraced houses, they’re not built for this amount of HMOs. It’s not just parking it’s rubbish, it’s noise.

“I’ve considered moving out lots of times but I think – why should I? I’ve raised my family here. I’ve got really good neighbours.

“The relationship between students and permanent residents is at an all time low I would say, because I think people are absolutely fed up with it all; fed up with the noise, the parking situation and the rubbish.”

Siobhan would like the council to impose a one way system in the Dales area to help with traffic flow but admits there isn’t a simple solution to solve the parking problems.

According to the Highway Code, people are not allowed to use parking cones or wheelie bins to reserve a parking space outside their property.

However, Nicole Austin, who is a third year Media student at the University of Liverpool, said she has seen residents putting wheelie bins in the space outside their homes.